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Mission Statement

Ridgeview Central School, in partnership with parents, is committed to providing a variety of learning opportunities so that all students can succeed.

Principal’s Message

Please have a look at our new staff and new staffing assignments for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.  Use the Staff Info tab and click on "Meet our staff".

Wow.  I can hardly believe that the summer break is already more than half over! I am very honored to be your Principal and excited to get started with the 2018-2019 school year with Mr. Corey Steeves as my Assistant Principal.  We have amazing students, staff, parents and community to build on and I intend to use the strengths of all of these very important people to make Ridgeview a great place to work, learn, and visit.

We  welcome a few new staff this year and we are very pleased to have them join us here at RVCS.  Mr. Steeves is new to the position of AP but has spent many years next door at LCPS.  Miss Amber Cooze joins us from Ottawa, ON. to teach grade 5. Mr. Brian Ward is also new in grade 5 this year. Mrs. Shannon Peters, who we all know very well is joining us in grade 6 this year.  Mrs. Leona Schmidt is back to RVCS after a few years at LCPS, as a Special Needs Assistant. We also have a new Child Circle Worker this year, Ms. Taryn Driedger.  

Some changes in Staff include the following:  Mr. Travis Hardy has moved to Hill Crest and we are happy that Mrs. Sulis could step in as our new Phys. Ed. teacher and Athletic Director.  Miss. Skinner has moved from Grade 7 to take a position in grade 4. We have Mrs. Thompson moving from grade 4 to grade 7 as the L.A. and Social teacher.  Mr. Thompson will be doing grade 7 Social and Mr. Weller moves from grade 5 to grade 7 Math and Science. Mrs. Cardinal is taking on the position of Inclusive Education Coordinator for this year to cover for Mrs. Acreman's maternity  leave. So, all-in-all, lots of changes and excitement heading into 2018-2019.

Ridgeview has many exciting opportunities to offer our students. The staff at RVCS strive to offer the highest quality of education to our students, while also helping to develop them into responsible citizens. At RVCS we offer a number of unique programs that focus on positive character development, including Care in Action, where students volunteer their time to pay forward acts of kindness, an active Student Representative Council that serves as the voice of the student body and engages in activities such as school spirit promotion, student resource purchasing, leading of assemblies, and facilitation of focus groups. Within our grade 7 classes we have Positive Leaders where students work towards completing volunteer hours and becoming leaders throughout the building. Within classrooms teacher promote daily engagement and quality instruction.

I am truly looking forward to a great  year with students, staff, parents, and the community. At Ridgeview we welcome all parents/guardians and encourage volunteer involvement wherever possible. Caring and involved parents/guardians are a critical part of a successful school.

School will be starting on Tuesday, September 4th.  Have a great summer break.

Mr. Steeves and I are excited to have a great year next year.

Floyd Hann - Principal


Assistant Principal's Message

I am truly honored to have been given the opportunity to be the Assistant Principal at Ridgeview Central School. I can’t wait to work alongside your Principal Mr. Floyd Hann and with the amazing students, staff and parents at the school. The staff here at RVCS are caring, hardworking and dedicated to seeing students succeed in all facets of their lives. Along with being the Assistant Principal I will also be teaching Phys. Ed. and I am really looking forward to this. What excites me the most about coming to RVCS is the opportunity I’ll have to work with, and get to know the great students that we have at our school. Over the years, whenever I visited RVCS during the school day or for a school event I was always very impressed and amazed with the amount of student involvement and energy the students had.

Although I am new to RVCS, I have been in the La Crete community for many years now and I consider it a blessing and a privilege to live here. I am dedicated to working with the students, staff, parents and community to ensure that RVCS continues to be a great school where students are cared for and given the tools they need to grow and succeed.

Once again, I look forward to joining Mr. Hann and this great team and I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your summer!

See you all on September 4th.


Corey Steeves- Assistant Principal


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