La Crete is a small , predominantly Mennonite town with a population of about 2100 and serves a rural population of around 6000. The local economy is mainly driven by agriculture and logging.

La Crete residents have access to a volunteer fire department, as well as an ambulance service. The La Crete Health Clinic has Doctors on rotation from High Level and Ft. Vermilion. The nearest auxiliary hospital is 35 minutes away (located in Ft. Vermilion) while a larger hospital with select services is one hour and 15 minutes away in High Level. An Optometrist visits once a month. Dentist and Chiropractic services are available year round. The Care Home, Heimstaed, and Altenheim are all devoted to elderly housing as well as some access for long term care patients.

Church services are available in English, low German and high German.

Banks available are the Alberta Treasury Branch and Vision Credit Union with full services, and CIBC is open only on certain days. There is an airport access in High Level (75 minutes away). An average airfare would be $800 return to Edmonton. The nearest large center of Grande Prairie is six hours away by paved road.Many recreational options are available, including an arena complex complete with a curling rink, bowling alley, and skating rink with seating for 700, as well as community basketball, tennis, and beach volleyball courts. Hockey is a prominent activity in the community during winter months. Outdoor recreational activities that are most prominent are ski-dooing, quadding, hunting, and fishing.

The picturesque surrounding area with its scenic hills, lakes, spruce, jack pine, and poplar forests, and abundant wildlife is an outdoorsman's dream come true.​