Principal's Message

I am very honored to be your Principal and excited to say that the 2018-2019 school year has started in such a positive way.  We have amazing students, staff, parents and community to build on and I can see the strengths of all of these very important people at work in Ridgeview Central School every day!  

Ridgeview has many exciting opportunities to offer our students. The staff at RVCS strive to offer the highest quality of education to our students, while also helping to develop them into responsible citizens. At RVCS we offer a number of unique programs that focus on positive character development, including Care in Action, where students volunteer their time to pay forward acts of kindness, an active Student Representative Council that serves as the voice of the student body and engages in activities such as school spirit promotion, student resource purchasing, leading of assemblies, and facilitation of focus groups. Within our grade 7 classes we have Positive Leaders where students work towards completing volunteer hours and becoming leaders through the LEAD program. Learn, Embrace, Act, Discover. Mr. Steeves and I will be heading up the LEAD program this year and are very excited to be doing so.  Our new and exciting Ridgeview Rides Equine learning offers riding lessons, Equine Therapy, and so much character building opportunity to our grade 6 and 7 students.

I am truly amazed with students, staff, parents, and the community. At Ridgeview we welcome all parents/guardians and encourage volunteer involvement wherever possible. Caring and involved parents/guardians are a critical part of a successful school.

Mr. Steeves and I are having a great year so far and we are quite confident that Ridgeview will remain an amazing place to be.

Floyd Hann - Principal