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Principal's Message September 2021

You can view the video version here.

When I came to La Crete at the end of the last school year, I visited the Espresso House. Someone there recognized me as the new principal at Ridgeview Central School, and asked me “What does a principal actually do?”I am almost embarrassed to admit that it took me a while to come up with an answer to that question! Not that I didn’t know what my job was going to be,  but my struggle was to explain it to someone in a short answer. So I thought I’d give it a go in my first principal’s message.

At my previous school, I was the assistant principal, and probably some of the most important things I did there was fix student glasses when they broke and unplug toilets! Even though those things were not officially in the job description, it helped the day run smoothly. And that probably sums up my job in one sentence. To ensure that the days run as smoothly as possible. When I thought of an official one-liner to describe the position of principal, I would sum it up as “To provide the best possible education to every student.” 

There are many moving parts that make up a school community. One of the things I appreciate about the province of Alberta is that parents are put at the forefront of their child’s education. I am a firm believer that parents should be the primary decision-makers for their children. I believe that parents have the best interests of their children in mind and wish the best possible future for their children. I expect to have many conversations with parents throughout this school year and listen to the questions that they might have in regards to their child’s education. We are always grateful for the support of our parents. 

Obviously, our teaching staff is a very big piece of our school community and I look forward to building relationships with them throughout this next school year. They are currently very busy doing last-minute preparations for the school year starting next week. Their classrooms are looking great and they are excited to see the students coming back to school! 

Among the rest of the many things that make up my job, there are the materials that we need to make sure that students have the best experience possible like gym equipment and playground equipment. I don’t do nearly all of the ordering and purchasing of supplies, as the staff takes care of most of the little things, but if something isn’t working properly for any reason, it usually lands on my desk at some point. When students are in the building the days go by quickly, as there is always something going on, whether it be that a teacher needs more pencils, a computer is not working or a student’s glasses got broken in the gym. I’m happy to assist with any of these matters, but don’t tell anyone that I unplug toilets. I’d rather deal with broken glasses!

So there’s a short description of my job. Among all the above-described things, mingling with the students is the best part about being a school administrator. I am very much looking forward to seeing the students come through the doors on September 7th! 

If you have any questions or concerns or want to bring me a coffee (I like coffee!) feel free to come by or contact the school. I plan to spend a good amount of time in classrooms this year, but if I am unavailable we will schedule a time to have a chat! I look forward to hearing from you!

Looking forward to the school year,

Mr. Ron Wiebe

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