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Ridgeview Rides

Hi Parents and Guardians;

We are very excited to announce that our Ridgeview Rides program ready to go again for the 2019-2020 school year. Our instructors are looking forward to meeting and working with your children for the next few weeks.
Last year’s Ridgeview Rides was a great success and we’d like to expand it this year to include all of our students as an option. I’d like to provide you with some details so that you better understand the scheduling and the possible impact on your child’s school day. Also, information about the risks involved with a riding program.
As you are already aware, our school operates on a five-day cycle that is not connected to the actual days of the week. Ridgeview Rides will also follow this schedule. This means that the riding lessons may occur on different days of the week depending on the five-day cycle. Also, there will be no lessons on days that school is closed for students.
Transportation to and from the riding arena will be provided by the school at no cost to the children and their parents.
This year we have decided to schedule lessons into the student and teacher schedule so that they do not miss any core areas of study. Ridgeview Rides will be offered as an option and will occur during non-core periods such as Art, Music, Drama, and Phys. Ed.
Students who are enrolled in the Ridgeview Rides program will be assigned on a 10-week rotation so that all students who would like to participate can do so at some point during the year. Students who want to participate will be put into groups of 4-6 students and will change up after 10 weeks to allow others to have their turn. Should there be enough time or spaces, students may actually have a chance to participate for a second 10-week section.
Our instructor Kaitlin Malterer, will be in charge of all activities at the riding arena including the preparing and delivery of the entire curriculum as she sees fit. Students are expected to follow all instructions very carefully and completely. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the Ridgeview Rides program.

Please download and print to fill out these forms.  If you cannot print or do not have a printer, please  come to the school to fill out the papers there.

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